There aren’t many resources online about Michael Schmidt

However there is A blog post by Tim Atherton! : in many ways it is a counterbalance to (or antidote to?) much contemporary photography, especially of the Gursky, Struth or Soth style. Even some of his “straightest” images have an air of enigma about them and their are layers to unravel – especially in a series. It provokes thought and imagination, having the depth of a good poem – and it takes as much work as reading a good poem to draw out its many meanings.


A 1987 article from Gerry Badger in Creative Camera also has a few words for the Great And Only One Almighty Robert Adams. Twenty-five years later, Schmidt or Gossage still are quite unkown to many people, including people interested in photography. Go figure.

Waffenruhe would cost you an arm, a leg, a kidney and probably a few pennies more. Fortunately, Have a nice book took a (nice) video out of it :

And wait, there’s more! Lebensmittel (photographed between 2006 and 2010):